Update your powermeter firmware

Firmware updates are possible for each generation of our powermeters, but you can only update the firmware yourself with our current NG and NGeco series powermeters. Updates for Classic and TypeS are only possible in our factory. This article will show you how to update your NG or NGeco powermeter.

Table Of Contents

Check the following conditions

  1. Please check which type of power2max powermeter you own. Classsic, Type S or NG/NGeco. Only proceed if you have an NG/NGeco powermeter
  2. Install our power2max app for Android/iOS
  3. Create a power2max app account
  4. Register your powermeter
  5. Please make sure that your NG(eco) has more than 60% battery capacity

How can I update my NG/NGeco powermeter?

  1. Activate your powermeter by turning the crank arm and check for a green flashing LED each second
  2. Open our power2max app and connect it to your powermeter
    • If the powermeter is registered it will connect automatically with the app

    • If there is a new firmware update available, you will be informed
    • You can manually start an update at any time by pressing “Update”

  3. After successful installation, the power2max app connects to your powermeter
  4. If you press the symbol before you start the firmware update, you will find all the information about the latest improvements

Do you need further help?