powermeter compatibility

NGeco Gravel powermeter options

NGeco Gravel “spider-only option” or NGeco Gravel “power meter set” option?

The NGeco power meter “spider only” is your option without new cranks, whereas the NGeco “power meter set” includes the NGeco power meter spider and new crankarms.

All our NG Gravel sets are developed for 2×11 drivetrains and come with either a 46/30 or 48/31 teeth power2max chainring set.

Your NGeco power meter “spider only” options 
NGeco Rotor Direct Mount

Your NGeco power meter set options
NG power meter spider including a power2max 2×11 Gravel chainring set and one of the following crankarms: Rotor ALDHU24, Rotor power2max Edition, Rotor ALDHU3D+


NGeco Gravel
  • Made For: gravel 2x drivetrains: racing, training and sportive riding

  • Accuracy: +/- 2%

  • chainring options: 48/31 and 46/30

  • Drive train compatibility: double drive trains

  • NGeco spider-only options: Rotor Direct Mount

  • NGeco set options including powermeter spider, chainrings and cranks : Rotor ALDHU24 / Rotor ALDHU3D+ / Rotor power2max Edition

  • NGeco and Shimano crankset? Choose the Rotor ALDHU24 or Rotor power2max Edition and simply replace your GRX crankset with a powermeter

  • NGeco colour decal: green, black, blue, white, red, yellow, orange, pink, dark blue

  • NGeco Upgrade options: Left-Right-Balance, Pedal Smoothness,

  • NGeco warranty: 2 years