We are power2max

Our story begins in 2006, when the idea of developing a new bicycle power meter came up. By that time the p2m founders were still working in the automotive industry, developing and manufacturing wireless products for leading manufacturers. As avid cyclists with a passion for technology Marco and Andreas were very interested in training and racing with power but somehow did not find the right product for them. The available bicycle power meter options either did not fit their budget or did not meet their technical expectations regarding precision and reliability.

So the goal was clear: Develop a reliable, easy to handle and precise power meter for cyclists at a fair price!

Search for the right concept and approach

Two years later the first considerations to realize the power meter were made. With the know-how of producing wireless products like remote controls for the automotive industry first ideas were developed. The big question was: Which concept and approach to follow? A lot of ideas were tested and abandoned. Some of them made it to the stage of functional models, such as the pedal adapter, however luckily not more than that!

Crank-spider-based power meter concept

The p2m engineers dedicated their time to the development of  the final concept, a crank-spider-based power meter. This approach was chosen, because it has proven to combine the most important requirements for a good bicycle power meter:

  • reliable and precise power meter readings
  • resistance and long living product
  • simple handling for cyclists
  • could be realized at affordable prices.

Release of the first model

In 2010 the new home of Saxonar and power2max was found: an old dairy in Waldhufen in the Lausitz in the very east of Germany. In August time had come to present the new crank-spider-based bicycle power meter at Eurobike Show in Friedrichshafen.

Coming back from Friedrichshafen with a lot of positive feedback, the production process of the first 100 pieces started. A small team of 4 engineers worked around the clock deliver the first power meters before the end of the year.

They made it: The first batch left our factory in December and reached our every customers in time for Christmas.

The power2max Classic power meter

The first power2max crank-spider-based cycling power meter model with its’ distinctive external battery compartment, designed and made with a focus on easy handling:

  • no external cadence magnet was needed
  • chainrings and battery could be changed by the cyclist himself
  • auto-zero function without the need to manually calibrate the power meter.

Type S power meter release

Constantly developing and improving the power meter, the second power meter series, the Type S, was introduced only 3 years later. The Type S offered a range of new features like

  • a slot-in battery compartment
  • compatibility with almost all BB386EVO frames
  • new Road versions, like FSA K-Force Light BB386EVO and later in 2014 Campagnolo
  • new MTB Models
  • Compatibility with aero chain rings
  • less weight.

Movistar Team rides with power2max

Since 2014 power2max is the official power meter supplier of the Movistar Team. Looking back and asking the two founders today if it was their plan to become a partner of a World Tour Cycling Team only three year after they had started the business, they answer that they not even dared to dream about that.

The Movistar Team chose the Type S with Campagnolo crank arms to be the new “tool” for training and racing. The Team Manager Eusebio Unzue said back then: “We train and race with power at all times to maximize our performance. Accurate and consistent power data is a key piece of the puzzle. Therefor power2max is our choice, as their power meters are precise, reliable and very simple to use.”

2015 & 2016
The old factory becomes the new factory

A growing demand for cycling power meters and a growing p2m Team were the reasons to take a big step in 2015, namely to reconstruct the old factory into a new modern building with a bigger production capacity and more offices for the p2m Team. In late Summer 2016 the new power2max headquarter and factory was inaugurated.

3rd generation of p2m power meter

In August 2016 the 3rd and “Next Generation” of the p2m power meter was introduced, again at the Eurobike Show.

The power2max NG power meter follows the concept of the crank-spider power meters, however from the technical side as a totally new invention. As the p2m prime product, it offers the following features:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • +/- 1 % precision
  • Improved temperature compensation process
  • Data transmission via ANT+ and Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Power meter metrics: Power, Cadence, Left-Right-Balance, Pedal Smoothness, Torque

and it comes with an extended warranty of 5 years.

1st spider based power meter under 500 €

For the power2max Founders and the whole p2m team there are two objectives to constantly work on:

  • highest quality
  • fair prices

That is why in 2017, the little brother of the prime product “NG” was introduced:

The p2m NGeco power meter.

The NGeco is a hight quality power meter based on the same technology as the NG power meter. It offers:

  • Power meter metrics: Power and cadence
  • Individual upgrades to further power meter metrics
  • +/-2 % precision
  • Data Transmission with ANT+ and Bluetooth
  • Power Supply: Coin battery.

We are the p2m Team

Today, we are a team of 30 people with a great passion for cycling and most probably a more than usual preference for precise and reliable data.

Our daily objective is to offer you innovative and high quality cycling power meters with the best customer service and all the information around our products and the brand.

We want you to get the most out of your training and racing and to go beyond your limits.

#WattsUp & #RideSmart

Your p2m Team