Cannondale power meter activation

Upgrade your new Cannondale bike with power!

Your new Cannondale bike comes with an integrated power2max NGeco power meter? Here you can activate the power function and add additional features to optimize your training and racing.

  • NGeco Cannondale power meter activation
NGeco Cannondale Upgrades
  • Left /Right-Balance
  • Pedal Smoothness
How can I activate the power function of my power meter?
  1. Download our power2max App from the App Store for your iPhone or from Google Play for your Android device.
  2. Create an account and register your power meter to your account.
  3. Buy the activation here on this page
  4. Activate your power meter with the App.
  5. Buy and install additional Upgrades.

Any questions? Please contact our the p2m support team!

NGeco Cannondale Upgrade Left/Right Balance

The L/R balance shows you the percentage each leg is contributing to your total power output. (power left = pressure on the left pedal + pull on the right pedal; power right = pressure on the right pedal + pull on the left pedal).

Price: 50,00 €.

NGeco Cannondale Upgrade Pedal Smoothness

Pedal Smoothnees is an advanced metric for riders who want to optimize their paddeling. It shows you how evenly power is applied throughout your whole pedal stroke. Your NGeco Cannondale power meter collects the data for both legs combined. Transmission to your bike computer is only possible via ANT+.

Price: 50,00 €.

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