NGeco Upgrades

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Bring your training to the next level with additional functions for your NGeco power meter!
No matter if you want the additional data during the ride or for analyzing your training session, the NGeco Upgrades offers you:

  • Left/Right-Balance
  • Pedal Smoothness

Every single is upgrade is available for 50,00 €.

The NGeco Upgrades can only be activated via the power2max App. (available for Android and iPhone)

Any questions? Please contact our the p2m support team!

Upgrade Option: Left /Right-Balance

The L/R balance shows you the percentage each leg is contributing to your total power output. (power left = pressure on the left pedal + pull on the right pedal; power right = pressure on the right pedal + pull on the left pedal).

Price: 50,00 €.


Upgrade Option: Pedal Smoothness

Pedal smoothnees is an advanced metric for riders who want to optimise their paddeling. It shows you how evenly power is applied throughout your whole pedal stroke. NGeco power meters collect the data for both legs combined. Transmission to your bike computer is only possible via ANT+.

Price: 50,00 €.

Upgrade Option: Torque

A power meter basically determines two measured values, torque (M) and cadence (n), and uses these to calculate the pedalled power (P): P = 2 x π x M x n
In order to offer all users the option of displaying “Torque”, power2max offers two ways of transmitting this value:
1. the version provided by the ANT+ standard to transmit all values in parallel.
2. up to a cadence of 30 rpm, the power meter transmits the “Torque” value in the “Power” display field of the bike computer. From 30 rpm, the transmission automatically switches to the actual “Power”.

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Price: 100,00 €.

How to purchase the NGeco Upgrade?
You will need the serial number of your NGeco power meter to purchase the upgrade! You find it either in the NGeco itself or on the white label tag on your NGeco box. Make sure you have it at hand, before you start the purchase process.

Then, just click on the green button below!

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