powermeter compatibility

NG Track Power meter options

You can choose between:

NGeco Track power meter set (power meter + new crankset)


NGeco Track power meter “spider only” (without new crankset)

Your NGeco Track power meter set options

The NGeco power meter with a brand new ROTOR crankset witch an axle for the Q-factor of 147mm

Your NGeco Track power meter „spider only” options

The NGeco Track ROTOR power meter is compatible with the ROTOR ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets. You can use it on either the 24mm or the 30mm version. Please note: The power meter is build for the Q-factor of 147mm. Other Q-factors are not compatible.


The NGeco Track Tech Spec
  • Made for: Track

  • Accuracy: +/- 2%

  • Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) 144mm

  • NGeco Track power meter set options with new crankset: ROTOR ALDHU

  • NGeco Track power meter options: Rotor ALDHU for Rotor ALDHU and VEGAST cranksets with Q-factor 147mm

  • NGeco coloured decal: green, black, blue, white, and red

  • NGeco upgrade options: left/right balance, pedal smoothness

  • NGeco warranty: 2 years

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