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NG Track

This is the NG Track power meter

  • handcrafted in Germany
  • industry-leading precision of +/-1%
  • complete dual-sided power measuring
  • Track BCD of 144mm
  • highest reliability of power meter and power data
  • ANT+ and BLE

The NG track power meter is the right choice fo you, if you care about

  • precision
  • durability
  • and advanced power meter metrics

NG Track

NGeco Track

This is the NGeco Track power meter:

  • handcrafted in Germany
  • complete dual sided power metering
  • +/-2% precision
  • Track BCD of 144mm
  • basic power meter functions “power” and “cadence”
  • ANT+ and BLE

The NGeco is your choice if you want

  • a complete, dual sided and high quality power meter
  • with prices starting at 640€ and
  • with the additional option to individually upgrade further power meter functions.
NGeco Track

NG vs NGeco

NG RoadNGeco Road
Data TransmissionANT+ / BluetoothANT+ / Bluetooth
Precision+/- 1%+/- 2%
Power Supply Rechargeable battery via USBBattery CR2450
Battery LifeUp to 150hUp to 300h
Power Meter FunctionsPower Meter Functions
L/R balanceyes Upgradable*
Pedal smoothnessyes Upgradable*
Warranty2 Years** 2 Years**
PriceStarting from 890,00 €Starting from 640,00


*Upgrade Price: 50,00 €

** Optional: 5 year warranty available for 150€