Can’t connect my powermeter to power2max app

Find general information about issues with connecting your power2max powermeter with our power2max app.

Table Of Contents

General app connection issue

  1. Open the power2max app on your smartphone/tablet
  2. Make sure you are logged in with the correct account
  3. Make sure you see a green LED flashing every second, if not please check the following:
    • Check if the power meter is asleep and move the crank to wake it up
    • Make sure that the battery is charged or the battery is not empty
    • Make sure that no known Bluetooth devices are connected to your power meter via Bluetooth
    • If necessary, charge your NG or change the battery
    • If that doesn’t help, restart your NG using the charging cable or remove the battery on your NG Eco and put it in the wrong way around for a second and then put it back normally
  4. Wait until the logo has stopped spinning
  5. Even if your power meter is already displayed, please wait and select your power meter only when the logo has stopped spinning
  6. Currently it can happen that the same power meter is displayed several times, just select one of them, with the next app version the problem will be fixed.
  7. This applies to both iOS and Android


  1. Open the power2max app on your smartphone/tablet
  2. Make sure you are logged in with the correct account
  3. If the logo does not start to rotate and nothing happens when you press the touchscreen, please try the following steps:
    • Check if the power2max app has access to the location
    • Please make sure that location/GPS is generally switched on
    • We do not use any location specific data from you, this is only needed to use Bluetooth with Android.

I can't still connect with the app

  1. Should your power meter be displayed as power2max_3.0: please contact our support
  2. Please make sure you have the latest power2max app installed
  3. Restart your smartphone/tablet
  4. Try an alternative smartphone/tablet

I get still the message that my powermeter isn't registered

  1. Please restart our power2max app and wait until the logo stops with rotating
  2. After that, press on the user icon on the right upper corner at the main page and be sure to use the correct user account
  3. Check whether you see on the under registered powermeters your powermeter
  4. If yes, please try again to connect with your powermeter
  5. If still not shown, please delete our power2max app and install again
  6. Please switch between wifi and mobile data to isolate to an internet issue

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