Register your NG(eco) powermeter

Let us show you, how to register your NG, NGeco or FSA PowerBox powermeter with our power2max app (iOS and Android) or on our website. Registration allows you to maintain and setup your powermeter with your smartphone or tablet. Registration for Classic and Type S powermeters isn't possible!

Table Of Contents

Register your powermeter via power2max app

  1. power2max app successfully installed
  2. power2max app user registration finished (incl. confirmation mail)
  3. WiFi or Mobile Data available
  4. Powermeter has to be switched “ON” or battery isolation stripe has to be removed
  5. Red sticker (with serial number and key) available

  1. Wake up powermeter by moving cranks 1 or 2 revolutions. (LED should flash green 1x per second)
  2. Make sure you have accept app permissions for “Location/GPS” and “Storage”.
  3. Start your power2max app on your smartphone or tablet.
    • “Scan Screen”
    • “NG” logo spins while app is scanning for Bluetooth devices.
    • For Android/Huawei:
      If “NG” logo does not spin, check control panel to make sure “Location/GPS” is enabled.
    • After a few seconds app will connect to your “new” powermeter.
  4. Compare serial number from app screen and red sticker.
    • Red sticker should be attached on powermeter itself.
  5. If numbers match, please enter key from red sticker and press “Register”.
    If not, please go forward here or contact power2max support.
    • After short database check, registration has finished and app shows main screen.

Register your powermeter via power2max website

  1. Your powermeter or a photo of your powermeter showing serial number
  2. Smartphone, tablet or desktop computer with latest web browser
  3. WiFi or Mobile Data available
  4. Optional: Red sticker (with serial number and key)

  1. Open “power2max App Portal”
    • Power2max App Portal

  2. Login with your existing power2max app account (Mail address and Password)
    • Select “Manage Power Meter”

  3. Now you can choose between registering with the red sticker or with a photo of your powermeter with serial number if you do not have the red sticker
    • Write down your serial number and red token number
    • Please follow the instructions at “I do not have a key.”
    • The serial number has to match with the serial number from your photo.

  4. Using your smartphone for registrating your powermeter without the red sticker, is the fastes and easiest way
  5. Keep in mind that the registration can only be successful if the powermeter is not already registered to a different account

Do you need further help?