Powermeter of the Month: October – power2max G-X

Gravel bikes are versatile. Whether forest or dirt road, road, bike touring or bikepacking – a gravel bike is at home everywhere. For those who do not want to do without a reliable complete dual-sided power measurement, our power2max G-X powermeter is the best choice.

A powermeter on a Gravel bike?

Every bike ride is part of the training, even if it’s just a short ride through the forest to shake off the stress of everyday life. For some, targeted training or even training according to a plan may not be the focus there. But after the ride it’s good to know what you’ve done so that you can include this in the evaluation of your own fitness. Others use their gravel bike to prepare for events or the upcoming cyclocross season. The longer the race, the more important it is to have the right pacing strategy, for which a power meter is the best tool of all.

What does G-X stand for?

The G stands for Gravel and the X for the shape of the powermeter. Together, G-X stands for compatibility with Shimano’s GRX chainrings. Our G-X Powermeter sets are also compatible with Shimanos Hollowtech II bottom bracket standard, so that a GRX crank can be easily replaced with our powermeter with new crankset. Our G-X powermeters differ purely externally from our road powermeters. The X-shape allows the sub-compact Shimano Gravel chainrings to be used on this powermeter.


Which options are available?

The first question is always: NG or NGeco? Both powermeters measure the total power of both legs and the cadence. Our NG G-X powermeters come with a standard accuracy of +/- 1%, the integrated battery with a runtime of about 80h and the already activated features L/R-Balance and Pedal Smootheness. The NGecos rely on the replaceable battery, an accuracy of +/-2% and updateable features.

There are two different sets to choose from each with Rotors ALDHU-R 24 crankset or our Rotor power2max Edition crankset. Both cranks have a 24mm axle which fits perfectly into the Shimano bottom bracket. While the ALDHU-R 24 crank can compete with Shimano’s DuraAce, the power2max Edition is a competitor for Ultegra.

You can find NG versions here and the NGeco versions here.