NGeco Upgrades

Take your training to the next level with additional functions for you p2m NGeco!

What is the core of training with a power meter? There is an easy answer: Precise and reliable power data on your bike computer. To be able to provide quality data, two values have to measured: Cadence and torque (the actuatal force you need to turn the crank arm). From those two values power is calculated.

Most cyclist use “power” and “cadence” as the basis for their training and their racing, but modern power meters can provide more valuable data:

Left-/Right Balance – percentage each leg contributs to the total power output.

Pedal Smoothness – shows you how evenly power is applied throughout your whole pedal stroke

The developers of power2max always had one goal: highest quality to a fair price. To bring the NGeco to a new price level and to be able to offer the first spider based power meter for under 500€, the NGeco only comes with the two basic functions every power meter should have: power and cadence. It is up to you if you need additional functions for your training.

You can easily upgrade your NGeco via the power2max online shop and the power2max App immediately after buying your power2max NGeco or later, after you made yourself familiar with your power meter. Upgrades for the NGeco cost 50€ each and are only available in our online shop.

NGeco Upgrades