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NG Rotor ALDHU-R 24 power meter set Road

The NG Rotor ALDHU-R 24 Powermeter Set Road is our top model for bikes with Shimano bottom bracket and consists of the NG Powermeter Spider and the Rotor ALDHU-R 24 crankset with 24mm steel axle. This pro-level Powermeter allows a Shimano-Ultegra or DuraAce crank to be replaced by a completely dual-sided power measurement. With the 110 4-S and the 110 4-SL version of the powermeter there is also the possibility that existing Shimano road 11speed and 12speed chainrings can continue to be used and thus the shifting performance is maintained. The 110 4-SL saves 30g compared to the regular 110 4-S version for an additional cost of 100€ (incl. VAT). The Rotor ALDHU-R crank is compatible with the Shimano Hollowtech 2 bearing standard and makes a replacement of the bottom bracket unnecessary.

Scope of delivery: powermeter with silicone cap, Quickstart-Guide, charging cable, 2D-coloured decal, crankset

Configure your powermeter

Price: 1190,00 

NG Rotor ALDHU power meter spider

Please select the BCD for your powermeter:

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Rotor ALDHU-R 24 crankset

Please select below:

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NG/NGeco 2D-Coloured Decal

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The NG Road power meter offers you:

  • precision: +/- 1%
  • data transmission: ANT+ / BLE
  • Temperature Compensation: TC+
  • power supply: rechargeable battery
  • battery life in hours: 150
  • power meter metrics: power, cadence, L-R balance, pedal smoothness
  • warranty: 5 years
  • water resistant: yes

Technical data

  • BCD in mm:
    110, 130, 110 4-S
  • weight power meter:
    110: 149g, 130: 160g, 110-4S: 150g, 110-4SL: 119g
  • chain line:
    43,5 mm
  • Q-factor:
    148 mm
  • crank length in mm:
    170, 172.5, 175
Installation tips

We recommend using Loctite 243 or a different middle strong threadlocker

compatible bottom brackets
  • BB86
  • BB90
  • BSA68
  • ITA70
  • BB30
  • PF30
  • T47
  • Shimano Pres
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