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Crash Replacement NG MTB & Road NG 110 4-SL power meter

Price: 440,00 

Before purchasing the Crash Replacement for the NG MTB & Road NG 110 4-SL Powermeter, please contact our support team. It is not possible to purchase the Crash Replacement without first contacting the support team.

Our support team will give you detailed instructions on the requirements for a Crash Replacement (CR) and the ordering process. Before you order the CR, you should have clarified the following points with the support team.

1. Are you eligible to order a CR? Are you sending in your powermeter or have you provided proof that your powermeter is no longer functional?
2. which powermeter do you want to order?
3. do you need any accessories? (e.g. a new crank set or new colour rings)
4. please select the payment method instructed by the support team.

Please follow the instructions of the support team and enter any outstanding information in the "order notes" field at the checkout.

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