power2max on the way to the moon and Mars

Mankind is returning to the moon and preparing for long space missions and power2max is on board.

The Americans’ new lunar programme is just the first step towards exploring our solar system and a milestone on the way to Mars. The astronauts’ stays in space are getting longer and longer and daily fitness training is becoming all the more important. In the micro-gravity of space, it is enormously important that muscles and the cardiovascular system are trained in particular.

“We have found on previous missions that in space, heart rate is not a reliable indicator of the fitness of our astronauts, which is why we rely on measuring power using a cycle ergometer,” said a spokesperson for the US space agency. “power2max simply convinced us. All departments involved in the project gave their ‘go’ for power2max. Precision, reliability and the easy handling of the powermeters were the most important arguments for us,” the spokesperson continued.

We at power2max are of course particularly pleased to be part of the journey to Mars and especially proud that our NG powermeters will soon be heading off to the international space station for the first tests.

For the time being, the agreement with the space agencies runs until 1 April 2033, but there is an option to extend it.