Powermeter of the month: April 2022 – Rotor power2max Edition Sets

Our powermeters of the month are our bestsellers: the Rotor power2max Edition sets with NG or NGeco powermeters. These powermeters stand for precise, reliable and complete dual-sided power measurement at a price everyone can afford. That is exactly what makes power2max stands for.

Why is the Rotor power2max Edition Set our bestseller?

A powermeter that measures the total power of both legs, is reliable, always shows the correct watts precisely, is compatible with Shimano bottom brackets, is one of the most affordable bilateral powermeters and, on top of that, comes with the quality promise “Made in Germany”. These arguments have already convinced many cyclists.

For whom is the set the ideal solution?

Basically, our NG and NGeco powermeters are the ideal solution for all those who are looking for a complete two-sided power measurement. Those who value the best price-performance ratio opt for the NGeco and those who want the best of the best opt for our top model, the NG.

The Rotor power2max Edition crank, specially made for us, is the perfect basis for our power meter. The 24mm axle of the crank is specially designed for the Shimano Hollowtech II bottom bracket standard. This means that the crank fits perfectly into any Shimano bottom bracket and is thus the best possible solution for bikes with Shimano 105, Ultegra or DuraAce cranks.

Those who do not want to do without the shifting comfort of Shimano chainrings can choose the 110 4-S or 110 4-SL version when buying the Powermeter. While the 110 stands for the bolt circle diameter (BCD) of 110mm, the 4-S means “4 hole – Shimano”: All 4-arm 105, Ultegra and DuraAce chainrings can therefore be combined with the Powermeters without any problems. By the way, the “L” in the 4-SL version stands for “light”. This version is 30g lighter than the standard version and ideal for all climbing bikes.


Why go for a Rotor power2max Edition Powermeter now?

It is always the right time for power measurement in cycling or triathlon. Nowadays, every trainer recommends watt-controlled training. The power2max Edition power meter offers all the advantages that coaches and athletes want:

1. complete power measurement of both legs

2. precise and reliable data

3. robust and uncomplicated system

4. the best price-performance ratio

5. availability

While the entire cycling industry is currently struggling with delivery problems and delivery dates in 2023 are not uncommon, all power2max models are available within a very short time. This makes power measurement not only the most sensible upgrade on the bike, but also one of the few available options.


Is the Rotor power2max Edition power meter set future-proof?

Yes! If you are now riding with an 11-speed Shimano 105, Ultegra or DuraAce groupset, you can rely on our Powermeter without hesitation. The 110 4-S versions are compatible with both Shimano’s 11-speed and the new 12-speed chainrings. As soon as the you change to a new bike with Shimano’s new 12-speed groupset, you only have to install the powermeter with the new chainrings on the bike. After 10 minutes, the new bike is ready to go with full power.


Where to find the power meter?

Our bestseller the NGeco Rotor power2max Edition Set can be found here.

And our top model the NG Rotor power2max Edition Set is available here.