What is the difference between NG and NGeco?

We get a lot of questions regarding the difference between our NG and NGeco powermeters. You can find the answer either in this video or just scroll down.


The Flagship and its litte brother

The NG powermeter is our flagship and was the first powermeter of the “Next Generation”. With the experience of our “Classic” and our “Type S” powermeter we developed our third generation of powermeters to combine all the factors we think are important:

  • precision
  • reliability
  • dual-sided measurement
  • outstanding quality
  • easy handling

All those factors are part of our powermeter philosophy. Another goal was to be able to offer a dual-sided powermeter for under 500€. The development of the NGeco allowed us to fulfill this idea. With reduced but upgradable functionality we are happy to offer a professional cycling powermeter for hobby and amateur cyclists.

The differences between the NG and NGeco powermeters can be found below.

NG powermeterNGeco powermeter
Data TransmissionANT+ / BluetoothANT+ / Bluetooth
Precision+/- 1%+/- 2%
Power of both legsyesyes
Temperature compensationTC +TC
Power Supply Rechargeable battery via USBBattery CR2450
Battery LifeUp to 150hUp to 300h
Power Meter FunctionsPower Meter Functions
Cadenceyes yes
L/R balanceyesUpgradable*
Pedal smoothnessyesUpgradable*
Warranty5 Years 2 Years
PriceStarting from 990,00 €Starting from 490,00 €

*Upgrade Price: 50,00 €