power2max App: Registration and Upgrades

The power2max app enables customers to change settings of their power meter and to gather important information for any support requests. Before customers can use the app they must register their power meter. The power2max App Portal is browser based and allows customers to manage their account and their power meters.

Download of the p2m App

The p2m App is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded from the respective App Stores.

power2max App in the Google Playstore for Android

power2max App in the App Store for Iphone

Registration of a power2max power meter

After installing the app each customer has to create an account. The account can be created in the app or in the power2max App Portal. In the next step the power meter has to be registered. The registration works as a protection against theft and protects the customers power meter from unauthorized access.

The registration can be done in two different ways: 1. via the red label with the registration key or 2. via the app portal

  1. registration via the registration key
    • just enter the registration key which can be found on the red label which comes with each new power meter
  2. registration via the app portal
    • if a customer lost his registration key, the power meter can be registered manually
    • go to the power2max app portal and login
    • go to “manage power meters”
    • select “I do not have a key” and follow the instructions there
    • registration without a key might take up to 48h

Upgrading a power2max NGeco power meter

Customers can add additional features to their power2max NGeco power meters. Those features are:

  • left/right balance*
  • pedal smoothness

*Note: Some customers think, that this feature enables dual sided measurement. That is wrong. power2max power meters always measure the total power of both legs. This upgrade only activates the transmission of the balance to the bike computer via ANT+ or BLE.

To add an upgrade to the power meter, a customer has to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the NGeco Upgrade page
  2. Choose “NGeco Upgrade” and enter the serial number of the power meter you want to upgrade
  3. Select the Upgrade you want to upgrade and buy it.
  4. After the shopping process is completed use the power2max app and connect it to the power meter
  5. The app will inform you that a new upgrade is available, just follow the instructions in the app (make sure that you have a stable wi-fi or mobile connection)