power2max APP

power2max mobile application for Android has been released!

Since the beginning of 2017 it was an open secret that the p2m digital development team started to work on a mobile power2max application with the aim to give you the opportunity to manage your power2max NG or NGeco and the FSA powerbox power meter with your mobile device.

In the beginning of November 2017, the first public beta version for Android phones was released in the Google Playstore.


Download the p2m App and

  • update your NG or NGeco with the latest firmware
  • register your power meter on your name for warranty and security purposes
  • manage your power meter settings within the app. Decide for example, if you want to transmit data via ANT+ or via BLE or use both.
  • upgrade your NGeco with further power meter functions
  • contact the p2m support team easily for service related topics get in touch with the p2m Team for service related topics.

For the first time in power2max’ history, NG & NGeco users will be able to manually change the slope / calibration factor of their power meter within the app. power2max Founder Marco states: “We had so many customers who were asking for that feature, that we finally decided to integrate that feature for the NG family. However, I strongly recommend NOT to change the calibration factor, but to stay with the factory settings in order to keep our guaranteed precision of +/- 1 % for NG and +/- 2 % for NGeco.”

What is more? the p2m app is the tool for NGeco and powerbox owners to upgrade their devices and individually add further power meter functions. Upgrades like “Left-Right-Balance” are available for purchase in the power2max Shop.

Last but not least, the p2m App addresses security. You are able to register your power meter within the application to protect it from unwanted access and to apply a special theft protection, should your bike ever get stolen. NG, NGeco and FSA powerbox Users, we recommend that you register your power meter.

There is still more to come: In 2018 you can expect the final version p2m Android app and the iOS version.
The p2m engineers develop the p2m App for you! Hence your feedback, ideas and comments on the current beta-version and your wishes for the future are welcome. Send us an email and share your thoughts with us.