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NG Gravel powermeter options

When it comes to the NG power meter options, you can choose between:

NG powermeter “spider only” (powermeter spider without crankarms)


NG powermeter set, including the powermeter spider and new crankarms.

All our NG Gravel sets are developed for 2×11 drivetrains and come with either a 46/30 or 48/31 teeth power2max chainring set.

Your NG power meter “spider only” options 
NG Rotor Direct Mount

Your NG power meter set options
NG power meter spider including a power2max 2×11 Gravel chainring set and one of the following crankarms: Rotor ALDHU24, Rotor power2max Edition, Rotor ALDHU3D+


The NG Gravel Tech Spec
  • Made for: gravel 2x racing, training and sportive riding

  • Accuracy: +/-1%

  • chainring options: 48/31 and 46/30

  • Drive train compatibility: double drive trains

  • NG spider-only options: Rotor Direct Mount

  • NG set options including powermeter spider, chainrings and cranks : Rotor ALDHU24 / Rotor ALDHU3D+ / Rotor power2max Edition

  • NG and Shimano crankset? Choose the Rotor ALDHU24 or Rotor power2max Edition and simply replace your GRX crankset with a powermeter

  • NG colour decal: green, black, blue, white, red, yellow, orange, pink, dark blue

  • NG coloured USB cap options: green, black, blue, white, red, yellow

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